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European Funding: How to Secure and Manage EU projects
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European Funding: How to Secure and Manage EU projects

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Minimum number of students 8

Duration 13 hours

The EU has developed several financial instruments and funding programmes to support areas such as regional and urban development, employment and social inclusion, research and innovation. The EU funding is monitored and allocated according to strict rules and can be managed in partnership with national and regional authorities or directly by the EU.

In order to apply for EU funds, a broad understanding of the underlying EU financial, legal and policy framework is prerequisite. EU funding opportunities, eligibility criteria and processes are also essential. This course will dive deeper into the EU funding, by providing attendees with more knowledge about the available EU funding programmes, how to apply for them, how to match their project proposals with the EU strategic goals and ultimately, how to manage a EU-funded project.


  • Provide a methodology based on a comprehensive and agile approach to the development and management of EU projects which will give attendees the skills to identify research and policy gaps, build a work breakdown structure, develop a project plan, create and manage project budget, identify and mitigate risks and manage the overall project implementation.


  • Module 1: Introduction: How EU Funding works
  • Module 2: Matching policy goals with funding: EU funding instruments and programmes
  • Module 3: Applying for EU funds: The project proposal writing, Part 1
  • Module 4: Applying for EU funds: The project proposal writing, Part 2
  • Module 5: Financial and legal aspects: EU project rules and how to manage budget
  • Module 6: Implementation: Project management and evaluation

Aimed to

  • Staff and policy makers of local, metropolitan and regional administrations with an airport in their territory or in their vicinity.

Technical Requeriments

  • WIRED CONNECTION preferably to avoid connection failures.
  • MANDATORY webcam and headphones connected throughout the course (not use pc speaker to avoid acustic coupling)

Further Information

The course has been developed by Alexandra Covrig, Senior Project Manager at Airport Regions Council. Alexandra leads the development and implementation of EU-funded projects. She supports projects on key areas, such as economic growth, territorial branding, economic impact, aviation noise and emissions, training and employment in airport regions, congestion and airport capacity, land use and airport expansion, intermodality, surface access, connectivity, decarbonisation of airport areas. Alexandra holds a joint Master’s degree in Communication Science and European Studies. She also received specialised training from the College of Europe in EU project management.

TIMETABLE: 15:00-19:15