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Territories & Airports: A General Overview of their Relations
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12th to 15th September 2022
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Territories & Airports: A General Overview of their Relations

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Minimum number of students 8

Duration 16 hours

All airport areas are thus engaged in multiple interactions with their airport. Some of these interactions are positive: for instance, the airport activity generates economic benefits for the surrounding areas in terms of jobs, of local taxation, of notoriety, of transport network Conversely, airport activity also generates negative externalities on the surrounding environment in terms of air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, agricultural land consumption, urban development, etc.

Airport areas are therefore facing many challenges of their own, which need to be tackled on this territorial scale. In view of all these challenges, more and more airport authorities and local decision-makers around the world feel the need to acquire and share experiences and good practices with their peers from other airport locations, in order to develop their own airport area in a more sustainable way.


  • Outlining the main aspects of the relationships between airports and territories, defining the key elements to pay attention from both sides and highlighting which best practices to implement and bad to avoid as much as possible.


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Governance
  • Module 3: Urban / territorial planning and integration
  • Module 4: Mobility and accessibility
  • Module 5: Environment
  • Module 6: Economic development
  • Module 7: Workforce development
  • Module 8: Marketing and branding

Aimed to

  • Staff and policy makers of local, metropolitan and regional administrations with an airport in their territory or in their vicinity.

Technical Requeriments

  • WIRED CONNECTION preferably to avoid connection failures.
  • MANDATORY webcam and headphones connected throughout the course (not use pc speaker to avoid acustic coupling)

Further Information

The course has been developed by Sergi Alegre. Ph Dr, currently Director General of Airport Regions Council. He started being actively involved in the relationships between airports and local/regional administrations as he was for 27 years Vice Mayor of El Prat, the city that hosts the airport of Barcelona. Since then he has taken part as speaker in the main events linked to these items in Europe, America and China. He has been too coordinator of some studies focused in the field and participated in different EU projects about airports and territories matters

TIMETABLE: 15:00-19:00